What Are Lone Worker Solutions

This is a platform that offers BS8484 Gold Certified package for the protection of lone workers. The bottom line is to protect employees, shareholders, and managers from the risks associated with working alone. It can also be used in schools to ensure school safety.

The LoneWorker Manager

LoneWorker Manager connects to a lone and remote worker via devices. The platform gives proactive, reactive and emergency support in any location in the world 24 hours a day. For lone workers solutions to be effective, managers can access a secure portal to view system activity and real-time reporting. That’s how school safety is guaranteed. Lone Worker Managers ensures the compliance with safety work regulation. The platform promotes a culture of safe work environment and school safety.

Multi-Device Support

The Platform supports a broad range of devices from Windows, Android, iOS, Blackberry and other handheld devices. The platform supports a wide range of lone worker solutions.

End Users

It has a lot of support features that will endear you to the platform. The Push4Help, Heartbeat and Lone Worker Down are emergency tools that are responded to any time of the day. They are very simple features that anyone can use without the need of technical knowledge. Hence the reason it’s highly recommended for school safety.


The voice and data communication system are also easy to use and manage. Its flexibility enables some lone workers to be supported on the platform.

Lone worker solutions are the best in ensuring your safety and school safety.

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